About this site

About this site

Vaporwave News Network is a podcast launched in Spring 2023 by Alyx P (founder of Pacific Plaza Records & artist/DJ under the name Trucks Passing Trucks). We provide specialized coverage of the Vaporwave and Future Funk scenes as well as important news in the Internet Music community! Your subscription makes this site possible, and allows Vaporwave News Network to continue to expand our operations.

With this show, we are hoping to fill a niche in the scene that we feel has been missing- a show that’s covering the contemporary era of the Vaporwave Music and Art movement. A show that strives to provide a wide variety of coverage in an easily digestible format. One that acknowledges the history of the genre and makes connections between the past and current happenings in the vaporwave community!

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Vaporwave News Network is sponsored and produced by Pacific Plaza Records