Curated Spotify Playlists

Back in July 2023, we launched two new curated playlists on Spotify to replace the abandoned editorial playlists. So what are these two playlists?

Contemporary Vaporwave is the main playlist capturing all things Vaporwave, Future Funk, as well as the beloved subgenres like Slushwave, Barber Beats, Late Night Lo-fi, Vaportrap, of course Classic Style! Ten new selections will be added every update which means it will stay fresh, covering the past 6 months in the scene. You can submit tracks to it through our Google Form.

Next up we have...

Fresh Future Funk is in a similar vein, adding 10 new tracks at least once a month, but this playlist will also have some classics and deep cuts from the past eras of future funk. I’m curating this one under my DJ alias, Trucks Passing Trucks and I do wanna have a DJ-Friendly and Dancer-Friendly vibe going on with this playlist! You can submit tracks to it through our Google Form.

** Please remember, it's only Spotify content on the playlists and old music uploaded to Spotify recently will usually not qualify for play-listing **