Submissions to the Podcast

Submissions to the Podcast
Send stuff to the show!

We have multiple different ways for you to submit stuff to the show! Whether it's a new release, an upcoming event or a recent drop on Spotify this is the page to find links to all our Google Submission Forms. You can also submit questions to the show for our Mailbag and Q&A episodes in the future!

Upcoming Release Submission

If you have upcoming releases to send to us for coverage, please use the Google Form below. Please note, if your album is not publicly announced by the time we record the voiceover it will probably not be featured or it might be pushed back to the next episode.

Priority is given to new releases- we aren't super interested in reissues.

Upcoming Events & Streams

Use the Google Form below to submit Events and Streams to the Vaporwave News Network Podcast. It can be for an IRL or URL event, just make sure to fill out all the info and upload a flyer if you can!

You can also submit to the Calendar on The Arcology's website

Curated Spotify Playlist(s) Submission

Use the Google Form to submit to either of our curated Spotify Playlists: Contemporary Vaporwave or Fresh Future Funk

Our playlists are updated at least once a month with 10+ fresh selections. We cannot promise anyone placement or guarantee that your song will be chosen. We do our best to sort through submissions and pick tracks that fit in with sections of our current playlist and represent what is happening in the current Vaporwave and Future Funk community!

New Releases from the past month only please...

Mailbag Q&A

If you have a question that you would like the Vaporwave News Network to answer, use the Google Form linked below to submit your question! 

Questions will be answered on our Mail Bag episodes or occasionally interspersed with our normal episodes if the time feels right... Please keep the questions relevant to vaporwave, retro/nostalgic media, and appropriate.

We will read your name/handle and location on air when we discuss the question!

If you just can't get enough vaporwave and want to connect with other people in the community, join our Members or Associate Producer Tier to get access to the Discord!